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Secure, Smart & Basic Plastic ID Cards Printing 

Our High Definition Plastic Cards Printing Equipment Gives You Superior Print Quality. Our Full – 4 Color HD Printing Reflect More Impressive Professional Image, Even On Smart Cards With Embedded Electronics.



We Print Simple to Secure & Encoded Smart Plastic ID Badges. We Offer Various Kind of Plastic Card Printing Like Sign on Back Striped Cards, 2D Bar codes, Serial Numbers, Invisible or UV Marked ID Cards or HID Smart or Magnetic Stripe Encoded Cards.

We Print ID Cards for Educational, Health, Nursing – Retire Homes, Govt, Small Business, Factories, Rental & Offices Entry Access, Parking, Courier, Sales Professional, Restaurants, Hotels, Motels & Transport Industries.

Full Color HD Printing

ID Cards Print on High Definition Printing Equipment.

Plastic ID Cards Printing

Sign on Back Strip Cards, 2D Barcodes, Serial Numbers, Invisible / UV Marked ID Cards,  HID Smart or Magnetic Stripe Encoded Cards Printings.

Custom ID Cards Data

Continuous Individual Serial Numbers ID, Photo, Names, 2D Bar codes, Magnetic Strips Encoded Cards.

2D Bar codes, Serial Numbers, Magnetic Strips Encoded Cards

We Print Simple to Secure & Encoded Smart Plastic ID Badges. We Offer Various Kind of Plastic Card Printing.

Additional Security

Extra layer of security prevent your ID Card`s credentials from potential threats.

Invisible UV Overlay, & Hologram

Invisible UV Overlay with custom artwork, Add Custom & Ready to use hologram, Laminated overlay layer can be add to your ID Cards.

ID Badge Accessories

Blank & Printed Breakaway Lanyards, Hang on Clips, Retractable Badges Reels, Badge Holders & Protector Sleeves.

Clips, Lanyards, Holders,

Slot punched hang id cards accessories or Sleeve inserted ID Cards accessories for wear, hang or carry id badges. We can print custom color with company logo or print on lanyards, clips, retractable reels.

Plastic Card Printing

Full Color Plastic Identification Card / ID Badges can be print on both side or Single Side.

We print PVC Card for Membership cards, Employee id, Student ID, faculty ID & Access, Entry  Access control ID cards, Visitor ID cards.

One time $45 – $350 (On location ID Services) set up charge apply for same artwork, Data can be changed as Name, Photo, Barcode, Number. Id Cards price are very by quantity, ad on security layer and data encoding.

Quantity & Price :

  • 1 – 10 Pcs = $ 10 / Each (+ One time $45+ set up charge)
  • 11 – 50 Pcs = $ 9 / Each (+ One time $45+ set up charge)
  • 51 – 100 Pcs = $ 7 / Each (+ One time $45+ set up charge)
  • 101 – 200 Pcs = $5 / Each (+ One time $45+ set up charge)
  • 201+ Pcs – Please call.
If you like to use your own artwork, its required in specific format & size. This printing equipment and process are different then regular printing equipment. Please send a File without any crop marks.

Bleed size 0.0125″. Design file should be in high resolution press quality PDF,  If design file in JPEG, then their is low quality of font / Text printing (Not picture, but Text).

Design File Size: 3.375″ x 2.125″ (In Inch)

Print on CR80 30 Mil PVC Cards – Similar Like Credit Card

Protect your data, privacy are our 1st Concern. Reliable, Quality Service Since 2006. We only print your ID cards, if its authorized by your approved employee. We do not Sell or Give access to any 3rd party your data or information. We only prints or reprints, if authorized by your company by authorized person.
How you like to wear your ID cards ?

That`s decided you need slot punch or not.

If you like to use your ID card with lanyards,

hang on clips you need to order ID cards with slot punch.

If you like to use your ID badges with sleev on, No slot punch required.

How you like to wear your ID cards ?

You like your id cards inside sleeve or   without sleeve hang id card with lanyards

or   If you like to clip your ID cards on your wearing cloth ?

We carry wide range of lanyards & clips.

Available in different materials and colors. Inbuilt slot to hang id cards with Simple clear pvc sleeve or Hard plastic clear cover sleeves for rough used like construction sites.


Beyond ID Cards Printing – It`s all about reliability!

 Protect your data & privacy are our 1st Concern. Serving southern Ontario with Reliable, Quality Service Since 2006, We do not Sell or Give access to any 3rd party your data or information. We only prints or reprints ID cards if authorized by your self or your company appointed person who authorized by you.

We can set up on location employee or Student ID Card Printing Services.


Corporate, Small Business & Education Sector Custom PVC ID Cards Solutions

  1. Send us all employees / students details by emails by you / company for Custom ID Cards. (No Any Additional Charge)

  2. We set up Online Page Link & Your employees / students can upload their details, Pictures and we print & deliver. (Set up $90, $2.35 Extra Additional Charge / Each ID)

  3. We can set up on your location for employees / students pictures & print same time (Set up $250 & Up, $4.50 Extra Additional Charge / Each ID)


ID Cards-Visitor-Badges-printing-services-toronto

ID Cards-Visitor-Badges-printing-services-toronto

1 Hour, Same day & Overnight Fast Rush Plastic /PVC ID Cards Print Service Also Available – We ship all over ontario.Plastic_Card_Printer

We offer rush, fast same day & overnight plastic, PVC ID Cards printing service in Toronto, Etobicoke, Mississauga, Scarborough, Ajax, Markham, Richmond hill, Concord, Vaughan, Oakville, Burlington, Milton, Hamilton, Niagara, & London Ontario. NRI Gujarati – Your Local ID Cards Printer.

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      • Since 2006 – Quality, reliable product & service
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      • Secure your Data & Information. Prevent any unauthorized duplication & ID Printing.
      • No obligation Quotes.
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      • Simple, detailed, easy to understand Written quotes – included delivery date.
      • Open 24/7 – 7 days a week, Open in most holidays & weekends.
      • Printing at wholesale price with same HQ products & services.
      • Money saver regular turnaround or Fast, same Day & overnight printing service also available in Toronto GTA.
      • Some print product & service available in a less then 2 hours.
      • You pick up free at business hours or after hours or late evening or We deliver regular or rush, fast same day & overnight print products delivery with additional charges in Toronto GTA.

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